Bad Mook
The Bad Mook card depicts a Bad Mook, a dark horned monster.

This card was created by BlazerC and is a part of the Mookland Series.


The Bad Mook card has 1 Attack and 3 Hearts. When Bad Mook is summoned the player has the choice of:

  • Giving Bad Mook an extra Attack.
  • Giving Bad Mook 2 extra Hearts.
  • Gaining 300 Points
  • Paying 150 points and adding another Bad Mook card to their hand.
  • Insulting their opponent mercilessly.


The Bad Mook card is effectively a more powerful Powered Mook, however it cannot be brought back when destroyed (on it's own, at least).

Bad Mook strength is in it's effect, where it can be played in most situations and be effective.

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