Baritone Battler

The Baritone Battler card.

Baritone Battler is a card created by BenBen depicting a re-coloured wingless Reaper from TWEWY standing atop a tank from DQH:RS.


Baritone Battler has 6 hearts and 5 attack. All sprited cards gain 1 heart and 1 attack. He can sacrifice 3 hearts and 3 attack to destroy an opponent's card despite any barriers.


  • Baritone Battler is one of BenBen's 2 dueling personals.
  • Since it doesn't specify otherwise, Baritone Battler can gain a boost from his own effect.
  • The second part of Baritone Battler's effect is supposed to be like him hopping off his tank and sending it to attack.

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