Courage Mook

The Courage Mook Card

The Bad Mook card depicts a Mook, equipped with the Vest of Courage powerup from Mookland.

This card was created by BlazerC and is a part of the Mookland Series.


The Courage Mook card has 1 Heart and 1 Attack. When it is destroyed every other card on the field will take 2 hearts of damage, this counts as an indirect attack and cards destroyed this way give the owner 100 points.


Play Courage Mook when your opponent has several cards on the field and you have none or next to none. In theory, if it is your only card on the field your opponent will be forced to destroy it eventually.

Always be aware of the health your cards are on, because every card is hurt when Courage Mook is destroyed, a smart opponent might use this to damage you more than themselves.

Additionally, rather than attempting to bait your opponent into destroying Courage Mook, consider using a card that would destroy Courage Mook yourself. It is debatable if sacrificing Courage Mook triggers it's effect, but it most likely does not.


  • In Mookland, the Vest of Courage power up has no effect if the wearer is killed, unlike the card's effect. Rather, the wearer has to detonate it themselves, similar to the Burning Mook's effect.
  • The destructive nature of the card is most likely due to how it is used in Mookland. Usually, it kills alot of both friends and enemies when it is triggered.

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