Match 1Edit

causelessCogitation challenged Demonsul to a match, and offered his opponent the first move.

Turn 1Edit

Demonsul kicks off the battle by playing Build Grist and gaining 350 points.

Turn 2Edit

causeless plays Lost Claus, giving his opponent, his opponent in a different game, and all other players currently in a game 2 extra cards.

Turn 3Edit

Demonsul uses some of his gained points to brin forth the Laser Shark.

Turn 4Edit

causeless decides to bulk up his defense against the Shark by playing Brick Wall. Santa also spreads some "Christmas cheer" to the Laser Shark in the form of 3 damage.

Turn 5Edit

Demonsul plays Star Power-Up to make Laser Shark invincible for causeless's next turn and zaps Santa for 3 damage.

Turn 6Edit

causeless plays Cool Bana. All of his cards stare angrily at the Shark.

Turn 7 (Dinner's ready!)Edit

The Laser Shark ruins Christmas forever by eating Santa Claus through the use of Baby Eater, giving the Shark an extra 1 heart. The Shark also then zaps Cool Bana, who eats the attack like it's a Santa.

Turn 8Edit

causeless plays no cards this turn and thus draws an extra one. The soon-to-be-impeached president punches the Shark in the snout to establish dominance.

Turn 9 (The Beginning of the End)Edit

Demonsul has the Laser Shark move the impeachment forward (with his teeth) and plays the card Mind Control. causeless reveals the following cards in his hand, and Demonsul forces his foe to play the Tick, so that causeless might reap its benefits.

Turn 10Edit

causeless 100% willingly plays the Tick of his own volition. Definitely. It takes its first .5 hearts toll for its indestructible protection.

Turn 11Edit

Demonsul plays Teenabe Mutanf Ninga Tutle and his Laser Shark begins dismantling the Wall.

Turn 12 (Welcome to Germany)Edit

causeless plays Indecipherable Doodle, and jokingly renames Brick Wall the Berlin Wall. Tick ate another .5 hearts.

Turn 13 (President Demonsul and Secretary Causeless)Edit

"General Secretary Cogitation, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Card Game Union and Eastern Forum Games, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Cogitation, open this gate! Mr. Cogitation, tear down this wall!"

He then proceeds to tear it down himself, and plays Trebuchet.

Turn 14 (What Logic?)Edit

causeless plays the card Desert in retaliation, but Demonsul plays Objection! in retaliation to the retaliation, and this happens. While all this was happening, Tick sucked another .5 hearts out of causeless.

Turn 15 (A Proud Day for Democracy)Edit

Demonsul plays Incense, returning the invincible tick from whence it came. His combined forces laser, ninja, stone, and eat Secretary cogitation, ending the opressive regime of Eastern Germany and allowing the two halves of the country to join as one Germany.


An alternate version of causeless sheds a tear for the loss of his grand opponent in his universe

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