The Dinklefoff card.

Dinklefoff is a card depicting a green thing with a foot.


Dinklefoff has 5 hearts and -2 attack, healing the enemy 2 instead of damaging it. To make matters worse, Dinklefoff MUST attack each turn, unless there is something prohibting it like an Anti Higgs Boson. When it is played, 3 copies of it are sent to your opponent's hand, basically creating an endless chain of Dinklefoffs.


  • Although part of the Terrible Series, "It is also pretty awesome".
  • It is the only card seen in a match from the Terrible Series that is called crappy on the card, and coincidentally probably has the worst effect.
  • Due to the fact that Dinklefoff heals damage instead of dealing it, it ignores the effects of cards such as Sawbuck.[[Category:<0 Attack]]

[[Category:<0 Attack]]

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