"AKA A Thousand Blank Cards w/ Tournament Rules"

~ Moldova, in the opening post.

The First Tournament marked the start of this grand and chaotic game. It was the first torunament ever played for the game.

Sixteen participants were pitted against each other in 1vs1 match-ups chosen by the game's creator, Moldova.

Participants (in order of sign-ups)Edit

  1. DenizenShipper
  2. Supernerd
  3. fivexthethird
  4. MasterBlade
  5. Demonsul
  6. TruthHurts22
  7. Siranae
  8. Deceptive
  9. Ross_Varn
  10. Palamedes
  11. Kaynato
  12. Reecer6
  13. hurlingPagan BenBen
  14. causelessCogitation
  15. FuriousSquid
  16. insanityIncarnate

Round 1Edit

In Round 1, players started with 6 hearts and 100 points.

Deceptive vs. PalamedesEdit

  • Palamedes won by default when Deceptive failed to make a move for several days.

MasterBlade vs. SiranaeEdit

  • Siranae was overwhelmed by the army that MasterBlade's slave created for him.

hurlingPagan BenBen vs. fivexthethirdEdit

  • hurlingPagan had originally been fivex's opponent, but after a LONG time of him not posting, BenBen replaced him and the game started anew.
  • This match is in progress.

Ross_Varn vs. KaynatoEdit

  • This match is in progress.

insanityIncarnate vs. causelessCogitationEdit

  • This match is in progress.

DenizenShipper vs. Reecer6Edit

  • Both players got Jupiter'd by Denizen's card, but Denizen managed to survive it whilst Reecer did not.

FuriousSquid vs. DemonsulEdit

TruthHurts22 vs. SupernerdEdit

  • Truth got overwhelmed quickly by Supernerd's Smuppet army. Supernerd claimed the first win of the tournament, and the first win in the history of the game.

Round 2Edit

Players will start with 12 hearts and 100 points in Round 2.

Palamedes vs. MasterbladeEdit

  • This match is in progress.

(Neither opponent has been decided for this match)Edit

DenizenShipper vs. SomeoneEdit

  • The "Someone" is either insanityIncarnate or causelessCogitation.

FuriousSquid vs. SupernerdEdit

  • This match is in progress.

Semifinals (Round 3)Edit

{C}From what Moldova has stated, players will start with 18 hearts in the Semifinals, and presumably still 100 points.

The Semifinals have yet to begin.

Finals (Round 4)Edit

{C}From what Moldova has stated (albeit indirectly), players will start with 24 hearts in the Finals, and presumably still 100 points.

The Finals have yet to begin.


  • In the original post, Moldova had mistakenly put the match-ups as 2v2 matches, not 1v1. Players realized this mistake when she posted the brackets as 1v1 match-ups.
  • insanityIncarnate was the only player to have signed up after the tournament began. Due to an open slot, he was still entered. Because of this, his name is in a different font on the brackets.

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