Match 1Edit

This match was a Round 1 match in the First Tournament.

Turn 1Edit

Demonsul began by playing Lawyer Pumpy.

Turn 2Edit

FuriousSquid turns one of Demonsul's creations against him by playing Castle.

Turn 3 (Espionage)Edit

Demonsul's Lawyer begins to seige the Castle, and he plays Knowledge to force FuriousSquid to reveal the following cards.

Turn 4 (The Zerg Rush Begins)Edit

FuriousSquid summons the Ant Queen, who in turn summons an Ant Token.

Turn 5 (Zerg on Zerg action)Edit

Demonsul plays 120-card Smuppet Series, and Pumpy murders the Ant Token.

Turn 6Edit

FuriousSquid sacrifices Over 9000 and Make Her a Member to play Anubis. Another Ant Token spawns.

Turn 7Edit

Demonsul plays Diamond, kills the Ant Token, and creates a Smuppet Token.

Turn 8Edit

Squid plays Line, summons another Token, and has Anubis destroy Demonsul's Token.

Turn 9Edit

Demonsul enlists the navy, attacks Anubis, and summons another Token.

Turn 10Edit

Squid's Anubis's dentist claims the god has an Overbite and devours Sailor Man. The Ant murders the Smuppet. Another Ant is born. Line atocks the Lawyer.

Turn 11Edit

Demonsul diagnoses Anubis with Bacon Cancer and has the Pumpkin attack the god. A new Smuppet is conjured.

Turn 12Edit

Squid plays Smuppocalypse on Demonsul. Line destryoys the Smuppet Token, Ant Tokens bring Lawyer Pumpy down to 1 heart, and another Ant Token is summoned.


Demonsul is forced to not play any cards, so he draws two. Apparently, one is LEEEEEROOOOOY JEEEEENKIIINS! Leeroy is played, and plows straight into the Castle. Lawyer Pumpy attempts to attack Line, and fails. A new Smuppet Token spawns.

Turn 14Edit

Squid plays Toronto Raptor. The Swarm murders both Lawyer Pumpy and the Smuppet Token and damages Leeroy for 1 damage.

Turn 15 (The Tides are Turning)Edit

Demonsul exterminates the ant hordes, has Leeroy whack the Ant Queen, and spawns a new Smuppet Token.

Turn 16Edit

Squid plays Teenabe Mutanf Ninga Tutle, has his dinosaur murder Leeroy, and churns out a new Ant Token.


BenBen gives Demonsul a Board English.

Turn 17Edit

Demonsul plays his own Teenabe Mutanf Ninga Tutle and has Board English attack the Raptor. He creates a new Token.

Turn 18 (And Then They Turned Around)Edit

Squid plays Crash to Desktop on Board English. It succeeds. The Raptor, Line, and Tutle end the life of the Smuppet Generator. His Ant Token murders the enemy Tutle (as a Token is not a Card). Another new Ant Token.

Turn 19Edit

Demonsul decides to play Guitar Hero. The last Smuppet Token destroys the Ant Token.

Elsewhere... (Desperate Efforts)Edit

Demonsul plays a song while he plays Objection!. Guitar Hero gains a counter.

Turn 20Edit

Squid calls on Reporter Girl. Toronto and Line destroy Guitar Hero. An Ant Token defeats the last of its Rival Tokens. The Ninga attacks Demonsul head-on. Another Ant Token comes forth.

Turn 21 (Dying with Honor)Edit

Demonsul reveals that he had Adrenaline Shot in his hand. He chooses not to play it and needlessly drag on the match. He draws two cards and stands at the ready for his demise.

Turn 22 (Consolation Prize)Edit

Impressed by his foe's pride, Furious Squid plays Over 9000 and gives his foe 9001 points. Demonsul is felled in his heroic strife by the two reptillian fighters.

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