Gomphus Card

Gomphus is a card depicting Gomphus, a large angry mushroom with eyes and teeth sitting in the dirt.


Gomphus has No Attack and 6 Hearts. When playing Gomphus the owner may sacrifice any number of cards from their hand, for each card discarded this way Gomphus gains 1 Attack, plus for each 3rd Card discarded Gomphus gains 1 more Attack on top. (Example: If 6 cards are discarded, Gomphus gets 8 Attack)

Additionally, Gomphus can only be attacked once per turn.

Gomphus counts as a Boss card.


Gomphus' real strength comes from the possible high Attack value he can gain. If one has many Cards in their hand, a player could discard several of them to turn Gomphus into a dangerous force that could tear through any defense.

Gomphus can also only be attacked once per turn, making him useful against cards that attempt to swarm the enemy with sheer numbers. Gomphus can also be good for defending youself in a pinch because of this.


  • In the picture, Gomphus is missing his tusks.

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