Imaginary Crafting Recipe

The Imaginary Crafting Recipe card.

Imaginary Crafting Recipe is a card created by BenBen depicting two minecraft crafting recipes that don't exist.


Imaginary Crafting Recipe has no hearts or attack. When played, you combine two or more cards together to make a new card. You also gain 100 points


  • Nowhere does it state the cards must be your cards, neither does it stat the cards must currently be on the field.
  • It does not state whether the cards will be destoryed after being used to create the new one, but it is assumed so.
  • The items used in the recipes are:
    • Ultra-Rare Shovel: 1 gold apple, 1 diamond, 1 iron shovel.
    • Redstone Endersword: 1 iron sword, 5 redstone dust, 1 eye of ender.

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