Match 1Edit

This match was a Round 1 match in the First Tournament.

Turn 1Edit

causelessCogitation started the match off by playing Present and giving MasterBlade an Empty Bottle.

Turn 2Edit

insanityIncarnate decided to start a "Motherfucking BEACH PARTY~" as his first move and gained 1000 points.

Turn 3Edit

causeless decided to continue bolstering his forces by playing Lawyer Pumpy.

Turn 4Edit

insanity decided to summon THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF EGYPT for his turn.

Turn 5Edit

causeless summoned Line to the field, and Pumpy started ransacking Egypt.

Turn 6 (Fuck that Pumpkin)Edit

As insanity summoned Bastet, he made it his goal to destroy the good Lawyer Pumpy.

Turn 7Edit

causeless beefed up his score by using Effect A of his played Build Grist card. Lawyer Pumpy and Line then teamed up to burn Egypt to the ground and loot the ruins.

Turn 8Edit

insanity played and immediately offered up God Sacrifice to Bastet, powering him up. Bastet then proceeded to unleash a vicious attack on the Pumpkin Lawyer, giving the lawyer a near-death experience.

Turn 9 (So Close!)Edit

causeless used the expertise of the staff at his newly played card Pokecenter with genetic abominations to heal Lawyer Pumpy up to full. Pumpy then teamed up with Line to return the favor that Bastet had so generously done for Lawyer Pumpy.

Turn 10 (Stupid Pumpkin-Head)Edit

insanity again summoned a card and sacrificed it to boost Bastet's power enough to one-shot Lawyer Pumpy.

insanity also upgraded the amount of info that he posted with his turn, making him the first (and thus far only) player to publically show his Discard Pile.

Turn 11Edit

causeless played Board English into WillyDeWulfe's game against BenBen and attacks Bastet with Line, killing the god.

Turn 12Edit

insanity decided to give causeless a Present in the form of a Loli. Possibly flirting?

Turn 13Edit

causeless didn't even realize that his foe just gave him a present, and ordered Line to unwrap the present, dealing damage in the process. He played nothing this turn.


WillyDeWulfe defeats BenBen and Board English joins the match under the banner of causelessCogitation. Just as planned.

Turn 14 (Nice Try)Edit

insanity deletes Board English.

Turn 15 (Shitty Replacement)Edit

causeless replaces the now deceased Board English with his newly-summoned Usagi Ichigo. Line continues tearing apart that wrapping paper.

Turn 16Edit

insanity plays Banaya Goggels.

Turn 17Edit

causeless plays Baby Eater, and uses it to have Line eat the Present. Usagi murders the newly-summoned Banaya and Line attacks insanity directly.

This game has yet to be completed.

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