Lego Drones

The Lego Drones card.

Lego Drones is a card created by BenBen depicting a bunch of little Lego robots


Lego Drones begins with 3 hearts and 3 attack. These 6 stat points can be reorganised as you wish.


  • The robots are mostly bronze, with 2 silver, 1 gold, and 2 star wars battle droids.
  • There are 6 ways the stat points can be arranged, without killing it (bringing its hearts to 0), before Lego Drones takes any damage:
    • 1 Heart, 5 Attack
    • 2 Hearts, 4 Attack
    • 3 Hearts, 3 Attack
    • 4 Hearts, 2 Attack
    • 5 Hearts, 1 Attack
    • 6 Hearts, 0 attack.

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