The Majora's Mask card.

Majora's Mask is a card depicting the mask which the Zelda game was named after. This card was created by BlazerC.


Majora's Mask has 1 heart and 0 attack. It is equipped to a card to give it +4 attack. Majora's Mask cannot be destroyed/attacked until the equipped card is defeated. If Majora's Mask stays on the field for 3 turns, both players lose by being crushed by the moon.

Majora's Mask must be played by equipping it to another card, therfor it cannot be played on it's own.

It is possible to play multiple Majora's Masks on one card, or each other.


Majora's mask is a very powerful card but also a very risky one. Because this card adds a high attack to a card rather than attack itself, it can be used to suddenly increase a card's attack and then attack with it on the same turn. Played on top of an already strong card this can be devastating to your opponent and could win you the game in a short number of turns.

However, if you cannot defeat your opponent (and Majora's Mask is not destroyed) in 3 turns both players will lose regardless. Majora's Mask cannot be destroyed by any method until the card it is played on is destroyed itself, plus with very few ways to remove your own cards from play one should seriously consider if they can defeat their opponent in the short time given before playing this card. Remember, the card Majora's Mask is equipped to does not affect this countdown if itself is destroyed, Majora's Mask can still cause a draw if it's on it's own.

If one is feeling particularly bold however, one can use Majora's game ending effect to their advantage. One could, in theory, play Majora's Mask on any card that's hard to destroy (even one of their opponent's cards) and have a card that can prevent loss such as Adrenaline on hand. If played correctly, one can simply wait until the moon ends all life as we know it and walk away unharmed.


  • Majora's Mask is from the Zelda Game "Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask". In the game the player has to stop Skull Kid, who has stolen and is wearing the Majora's Mask, the mask gives the wearer unbelievable powers but it is also supposedly cursed and drives them mad. Majora's Mask makes Skull Kid attempt to drop the moon on the planet and the player is only given 3 days to stop the villian, hence the effects of the card.

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