"I'm gunna put a quote here when I think of one."

~ MasterBlade five minutes ago as he was making this page.

MasterBlade is the resident knight enthusaist of the Games Forum as well as the Infamus Lord English of Anime Boston. He fights in Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Duel as Load Engish. He is responsible for all of the SB&HJ Duel cards that actually use Comic Sans.


vs. SiranaeEdit

This fight's victory centered around the use of Miyamoto to create extra cards for MasterBlade to use in his defence. Siranae could not destroy the artist before its creations finished her off.

Created CardsEdit

MasterBlade has created 21 cards; 16 from the original SB&HJ Duel Set, and 5 from the Miyamoto Set


  • MasterBlade has never won a round of Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff Duel that wasn't called on acocunt of his opponent not being there.
  • All of MasterBlade's cards were made in paint.
  • Since Load Engish is actually MasterBlade in a shitty cosplay, there are two cards based off of him.

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