Match 1Edit

This match was a Round 1 match in the First Tournament.

Turn 1Edit

MasterBlade summons Shigeru Miyamoto to start off the match.

Turn 2Edit

Siranae makes her first move by summoning Board English into the TruthHurts22 vs. Supernerd match on Supernerd's side.

Turn 3Edit

MasterBlade summons a face-down card in front of Miyamoto. Miyamoto creates the card Whomp.


Supernerd summons Load Engish onto Siranae's side.

Turn 4Edit

Siranae summons Lord English to attack the Whomp, and then gives the Lord to Ross_Varn.

Turn 5 (Stealin')Edit

MasterBlade plays Mafia Man and attacks Load Engish with it. Miyamoto creates Link. The Don collects his fees.

Turn 6Edit

Siranae's Load atocks and kills Mafia Man.

Turn 7 (MasterBlade's Got his Fingers on Everyone's Stuff)Edit

Master Blade decides to be a Dick-Ass Thief and steal Reecer6's entire hand. Link kills Load English. Miyamoto creates Mario.

Turn 8Edit

Siranae plays Asking Mice for Knowledge and definitely does not play anything else. The rat attacks Miyamoto for 2 damage. This attack activates the face-down card Mine Turtle, killing the mice.

Turn 9 (Drugs For the Win)Edit

MasterBlade plays Load Enish and gives it to Ross. Miyamoto creates Mushroom, which is immediately used on Mario. Link attacks a card that never existed, and Mario finishes Siranae in his drug rampage.

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