The Mook Card

Mook is a card depicting two Mooks, a normal one and a Mook with the Shovel Suit getting shot in the head by an arrow.


A Mook has 1 Heart and 1 Attack, plus it can never have more than 1 Heart. If it is on the field and destroyed at any time the owner may return it to their hand for 25 points. If the Mook Card is in the hand, the owner may pay 100 points to trade it in for a Powered Mook, the owner must show them the card when doing this.


The Mook card is incredibly weak and is not an effective card to fight with. It can be used as a meat wall and summoned again and again if one has enough points, but it should be traded in for a Powered Mook as soon as possible if one plans to use it effectively as this card can give your opponent alot of points if it gets destroyed constantly.


  • The Card's Border does not fully overlap the Mook Image, as clearly seen in the image.

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