The P.U.N.K Card

The P.U.N.K card (also known as simply PUNK) depicts a robot with a purple mohawk. A deadly robot that is programed with the intention to kill, he crushes Mooks easily and could be yours to command in deadly games of cards.

This card was created by BlazerC and is a part of the Mookland Series.


P.U.N.K has 2 Attack, 16 Hearts and counts as a Boss. To play P.U.N.K the owner must first choose 6 cards in their discard pile and remove them from play.

Whenever is P.U.N.K is targeted by a card related to Fire, Water or Electricity, P.U.N.K cannot attack the following turn.


P.U.N.K makes an excellent meat wall (or rather, a steel wall) and even though he has an average attack value, his super high heart value will allow him to chip away at enemy cards and easily outlast them. If equipped with a card that raises his attack value or makes him resistant to attacks (such as Light Orb which does both), P.U.N.K becomes a very terrifying card.

However, if P.U.N.K is affected by any card with Fire, Water or Electricity this card becomes nothing more than a meat wall for the next turn. This can seriously hazard P.U.N.K's rampage and your opponent can keep up the pressure P.U.N.K could be locked up for a very long time. Even if this does happen however, P.U.N.K will still defend you so he still makes an excellent card for defense.

The cost for playing P.U.N.K should be no worry if the game has been going on for long enough.


  • P.U.N.K stands for "Programable Underling n' Killer"
  • In Mookland, P.U.N.K was the first boss that the Mooks encountered. He is supposedly powered by steam, so his name is most likely a bit of a joke at the term "Steampunk".
  • In Mookland, if P.U.N.K were to be damaged by an elemental attack several times in a row, he would overload and be stunned, hence the effect of the card.
  • In a one on one battle, P.U.N.K's card would easily defeat Evil Mook due to Evil Mook's effect. Rather humorous, as Evil Mook is P.U.N.K's master.

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