Powered Mook

Powered Mook Card

Powered Mook is a card depicting 2 Mooks underwater, one with a power-up allowing them to breathe and another Mook without a power-up that has drowned.


Powered Mook has 1 Attack and 1 Heart, additionally it can never have more than 1 Heart. If it is on the field and destroyed at any time the owner may return it to their hand for 25 points. When Powered Mook is summoned the player has the choice of:

  • Giving Powered Mook an extra Attack.
  • Gaining 100 Points
  • Paying 50 points and adding a Mook card to their hand.


Because of the Powered Mook's effects, one can gain several points by chosing to gain 100 points, getting it killed and then returning it to your hand for 25 points, giving the owner a 75 Point profit each time. Keep in mind however for each time your opponent defeats Powered Mook they will gain 100 Points themselves.

Powered Mook may also add a Mook to your hand for 50 points, which could be traded in for another Powered Mook card.


  • The powered up Mook in the picture actually has the power-up "Bath Buddy", which does not prevent the owner from drowning, rather, it makes the owner float on the surface of water instead. The correct power-up to stop them from drowning would be the "Not Drowning Suit". BlazerC just didn't have a quality image of a Mook with said power-up at the time.

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