As the cards in this game are created by the players (and other random people), it is necessary to have set rules for what can and cannot appear on a card.

Rules for gameplay can be found here.

Guidelines for AppearanceEdit

You Must be This HighEdit

  • The dimensions of the card must be 300x200 pixels in size.
  • There have been exceptions to this rule.


  • If a card is not legible, than the person with the card won't have any idea what to do with it.
  • If a card cannot be read, it is treated to have no effect whatsoever.
  • To make sure that your card is useable, follow these guidelines:
    • Keep the language set to English.
    • No codes or ciphers.
    • Make sure the writing is neat enough to be read.

Rules for CreationEdit

Don't Break the RulesEdit

  • While many of the gameplay rules can be altered by the cards you create, there are several that cannot be changed under any circumstance. Cards that attempt to do so will not get approved.

No Name DroppingEdit

  • While a card can target a player, a card cannot target one specific player.
  • For example, having a card deal 1 direct damage to your opponent is fine. Having a card automatically heal the player named Joe for 10 hearts is not fine.

Screwing with other games.Edit

  • You want to make a card that targets a player or card in a completely different game? That's perfectly fine.
  • Here's some examples.

Screw that CardEdit

I Challenge You!Edit

  • It's perfectly fine to make a card that requires your opponent to beat you in something. Here's one of our examples.
  • However, you cannot make a card with a challenge involving a very specific skill set that a lot of people don't have. Challenging someone to remix a specific song or to create a video game are probably bad choices.

Baby Muppet Porn ClauseEdit

  • If a card forces someone to do something that they are uncomfortable with or is just downright inappropriate, then that card will more than likely get thrown right out the window.

Do We Need More Randomness? Really?Edit

  • While luck and chance based cards are not forbidden, they are slightly discouraged. In a game like this, where pretty much anything can happen without the need of any chance cards, too many luck cards can get really annoying, and it gives the moderator a lot of extra work to do.


  • A card cannot break the rules for card creation.

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