Every game needs its rules, and this game is no exception!

Rules for making cards can be found here.

Unbreakable RulesEdit

These rules are those that cannot be changed by the effects of any card.

Starting the MatchEdit

  • Players shall start with a set number of hearts and a set number of points.
    • Historically, these values have been 6 hearts and 100 points. However, players can agree on differing values for each of so desired, and Moldova has announced that the heart total for tournament matches increases by 6 each round.
  • Players are dealt 6 cards to start with.
  • Each player will play with their own deck, but each deck shall have the same exact cards contained within them.

New Card RuleEdit

  • Should anyone create a card, it will be immediately shuffled into the decks of all players.
  • Should a current player create a card, it will be immediately shuffled into the decks of all players besides that player and their opponent(s).

Rules Breakable by CardsEdit

These rules can be bent or even broken due to the effect of a card.


  • If you have 0 hearts at any time, you lose.

Prize MoneyEdit

  • When a card is destroyed, the destroyer gains 100 points.

What Points DoEdit

  • On their own, points do nothing.
  • However, cards can be made that have point costs, have effects that activate when a player has a certain point amount, etc..

Heart of the CardsEdit

  • All cards technically have hearts, even if this value is not listed.
  • If a card hits 0 hearts, it is discarded unless otherwise stated.
  • Cards that do not have a heart value listed are assumed to have 0 hearts.
    • When a card like this is played, its effect activates and it is then discarded. No points are gained by any player for its destruction.
  • Any card that has hearts counts as defending the player.

Unleash the Horde!Edit

  • Cards can also have attack.
  • Any card that has attack can make a target lose that many hearts once on each of the owner's turns.
  • One's opponent is only a valid target when they have no cards defending them on their side of the field.
  • A card cannot attack in the same turn it was summoned.


  • At the start of each turn, you draw one card.
  • Each turn, you are allowed to play a single card.
  • If you choose to not play anything during your turn, you get to draw an extra card.

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