The Sideburns card.

Sideburns is a card created by BenBen depicting one of Tobuscus's sideburns


Sideburns has no hearts or attack. It is equipped to a card with at least 1 heart, and that card gains 1 attack. If the card this is equipped to only has 1 heart, it becomes invincible until raised above 1 heart of Sideburns is destroyed.


  • The card would be one of the only reasons why an opponent would heal one of your cards.
  • This was the logic behind the card's second effect:
    • 1 Heart
    • Small or Weak
    • Little
    • Baby
    • "Don't be concerned about the itty bitty baby with the big big sideburns."
    • Don't be concerned
    • Protected
    • Invincible
  • This card is smaller than the usual 300x200 pixels.

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