The Greater Good

The Greater Good Card

The Greater Good depicts 2 normal Mooks standing of a large pile of corpses.

This card was made by BlazerC.


The Greater Good is an instant play card, it has no Hearts or Attack. When played it's effect resolves immediately and then is discarded. When played, 5 Mooks are played on the owner's side of the field, then 3 of them are sent to the Discard Pile. The survivors still cannot attack as they were still technically played that turn.

Because one of the Mook Card's effects, the player may pay points to add the discard cards to their hand instead.


This card is good for setting up a quick meat wall to defend yourself for a bit, it is also a good way to give your opponent a quick 200 points. If one wants to pay the points they could also pay up to 75 points to add 3 Mooks to their hand, which may be summoned themselves, traded in for Powered Mooks or used for sacrifices. Beware, trading them all for Powered Mooks would be very costly, to trade them all in would cost 625 points (counting the ones that survive) and is not entirely effective, as you can only play 1 card per turn in most cases.

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