The Ruins

The Ruins Card

The Ruins depicts a few crumbled old towers flooded with water and a moon.

This card is made by BlazerC.


The Ruins has No Attack and 6 Hearts. Whenever The Ruins is attacked, the attacking card takes 1 Heart of damage after the damage is dealt, this does not change if the attack destroys The Ruins.

When this card is in play, if the owner draws a card at any time they will draw another card immediately.


The Ruins has no means of attacking cards, but deals damage to cards attacking you, this is it's only way of dealing damage on it's own, similar to the Whomp. It also gives you an extra card whenever you draw, this makes it an excellent card to defend yourself if you are in a pinch and you're hoping to draw that one card that might save you.

That doesn't mean it can't be effective outside that situation. If this card is play, it can quickly become a thorn in the opponent's side, as the longer it is in play the owner will gain extra cards, but attacking it will damage your cards. If you are against The Ruins, one should consider to use attacks that are indirect such as Moodglo.

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