Match 1Edit

This game was played before the "cards cannot attack on their first turn" rule was established.

This match was a Round 1 match in the First Tournament.

Turn 1Edit

TruthHurts22 kicks off the match, tournament, and game by playing Usagi Ichigo.

Turn 2Edit

Supernerd plays Castle and starts the tradition of posting your current stats and the cards on your field with your post.

Turn 3Edit

Truth Upgrades Usagi and attacks Castle with the upgraded rabbit.

Turn 4Edit

Supernerd summons Karkat Vantas and uses it to kill itself and Usagi.

Turn 5Edit

Truth plays The Scream, preventing attacks on him next turn.

Turn 6Edit

Supernerd plays the 120-card Smuppet Series and summons a Smuppet Token.

Turn 7Edit

Truth plays Allieson Houvard, using it to destroy the Castle.

Turn 8Edit

Supernerd plays Witness Blardson and uses it to kill Allieson. He creates a second Smuppet token, and both tokens attack Truth directly.

Turn 9Edit

Truth diagnoses 120-card Smuppet Series with Bacon Cancer.

Turn 10Edit

Supernerd plays Confiscated Evidence, damaging Truth for 1 damage. A third token is created, and all three tokens finish off Truth's last 3 hearts.

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