The Warden Card

Warden is a card depicting a masked skeletal monster with a lantern, the picture taken straight from the Mookland forum game.

This card was created by BlazerC and is a part of the Mookland Series.


Warden has 5 hearts but no attack. When it is your turn, the Warden may take control of any card your opponent owns that has 1 Heart and add it to your side of the field, this can be done several times a turn. Targeted cards are under your control and act as if they were your own, additionally, controlled cards can attack on the same turn they defect.

If the Warden is destroyed the controlled cards return to their owner and are sent back to their own field. If a controlled card is destroyed, it does not return to the owner's field when the Warden is destroyed.


Remember, the Warden can target any card that has 1 Heart, if you damage an opponent's card down to 1 Heart you may take control of it. Controlling a card does not count as a direct attack either, as such it can be used to get around other various card effects.


  • In Mookland, a Warden can only control 1 enemy a turn and is even limited to only one controlled enemy at any given time. (As apposed to the card, where the opposite is true)
  • In the picture, a boss room door can be seen and a (very slightly) a Bad Mook with a power-up.

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