What Pumpkin

The What Pumpkin? card.

There was definitely never a pumpkin card in this game, and there never will be.

Such a card was definitely never created by the player causelessCogitation.


If such a card were to exist, it would have had 3 hearts and no attacking abilities.

It would not have counted as the card that the owner played for their turn.

It would have had the ability to be put back into the player's hand at any time.

It also would have had the ability to be played at any time, including an opponent's turn.

However, since this card definitely does not exist, none of this is relevant.


  • Theoretically, since this card would have had the ability to be played and removed whenever its owner wanted, it could be played as an emergency barrier against attackers.
  • Since this card would have not had any restrictions as to where it could return to your hand from, it could have probably been returned to your hand if it were in the discard pile, another player's game, or even if it was removed from play.
  • Although this theory has never been and will never be put to the test (since this card definitely does not exist and never will), this card probably could have been returned to it's owner's hand just after an attack was declared on it but just before the attack hit, wasting an opponent's attack. This strategy has never been confirmed by Moldova to be legitimate, however. And why whould he? The card is obviously fake and definitely not real.


  • If such a card were to exist, it would have been a reference to this update in Andrew Hussie's original MS Paint Adventure, Jailbreak.

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